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Legislative Priorities

Each priority includes a call to action. Please take a moment to contact your representatives regarding these important issues.

he priorities support social-justice stances approved by The United Methodist Church’s highest policy-making body, General Conference. The priorities are based on the denomination’s “Social Principles” and the Book of Resolutions, which contains statements on Christian social concerns.

The 2014 legislative priorities are:

  • Extend Health Securuty
  • Thwart Promotion of Addictions
  • Immigration
  • End Mass Incarceration
  • Raise the MInimum Wage
  • Support Clean Air for our Communities
  • Diplomacy over War with Iran
  • Overcome Global Poverty, Hunger, and Conflict
  • Prevent Labor Trafficking
  • Improve Proper Identifications of and Services to Child Trafficking Survivors
  • Protect Access to Family Planning
  • Support Global Maternal Health
  • Fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis
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