On an amazing song to sing

“‘There is always room for one more.’”

During the Advent season, Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey of Louisiana Conference says she always thinks about her mother’s words: “There is always room for one more.” The bishop remembers that extended family always knew they were welcome to eat with her family, as were their friends. She recalls that strangers often found their way to the table.

Mary’s Song is a song of outrageous hope for a better world.

“I think about that phrase during this season,” the bishop says. Harvey speculates that is why each year at this time she focuses on Mary’s Song or the Magnificat from the first chapter of Luke’s gospel.

“Mary’s Song is a story of reversal, one that turns the world as people knew it upside down,” the bishop writes. “It is a song of hope.”

Mary’s Song anticipates and models what God will do for the poor, the powerless and the oppressed, according to Harvey. “Mary’s Song is a song of outrageous hope for a better world where mercy is shown to everyone, where the lowly are lifted up and where the hungry are filled,” Bishop Harvey writes. “In Mary’s Song there is always room for one more.” 

Editor's note: Excerpted from “On the Journey: An amazing song to sing,” Dec. 7, Louisiana Now!, Louisiana Conference newspaper.