Letters to the Editor

Turtle Island

May we remember that we are 'occupiers' of a once vital, diverse country, filled with many different peoples with different languages, whom we in our greed destroyed.  Can we ever ask them for forgiveness and reconcile with them for taking over their land and resources?   I repent &... read more»

Sent by C. Law on November 18, 2015

Climate Change

Just so you know everyone does not believe in climate change.  If I recall correctly there were glaciers in the lower U.S. at one time and that was before anyone was here to talk about cliamte change.  Why did those glaciers recede?  Warmer climate.  Due... read more»

Sent by Bob on November 16, 2015

sins of our fathers

Until I read a  book recently about the history of the conflict between "my" people and the American Indians...I never realized that even "our country's father" George Washington took terrible advantage of the native people.  We need to repent and the only way we may be... read more»

Sent by Lois Hunt on November 12, 2015

Climate Action

My family has a profound reverence for the world's resources and a deep appreciation for our role as stewards of this planet.  That being said, I am displeased to see left-wing operatives of the Democratic Party use the church to advance a political agenda that is fundamentally... read more»

Sent by Mark Combs on November 07, 2015

Okinawa issues

Thank you so much for addressing Okinawa's continued struggles with U.S. military expansion. I am a member of Pine UMC in San Francisco and even as a historic Japanese American church little is known of  this conflict. As a hapa (Okinawan and Anglo American), the island of... read more»

Sent by Margaret Schulze on October 22, 2015

Reforming Criminal Justice

Reforming the whole criminal justice system is a formidable undertakig but one that is desperately needed. Statistics show that 90% of inmates suffer with some form of substance abuse or addiction problem and 60% are diagnosbly mentally ill. Incarcerating people who are incapable of controlling their actions due to chemical imparement or... read more»

Sent by George Potter on October 21, 2015

Another View

I offer a clarification and a response. The clarification is that Okinawa is a prefecture (state) within the nation of Japan. Whatever US military facilities are on Okinawa is because this is where the Japanese government wishes them to be as part of the treaty defense agreements with the US.... read more»

Sent by Bob Phillips on October 20, 2015

It Can Be Done

"Breaking News! 2 teens shot and killed in a north side home around 5:00 this evening.." No, it's not an episode of "Law and Order" or "Blue Bloods." It's just another night in Milwaukee. Milwaukee ranks right up towards the top of the list of the cities with the highest... read more»

Sent by Lynne Hines-Levy on October 09, 2015

What is the UMC doing to help refugees?

Bishop Wenner stated, " Even more people will come, We have to prepare ourselves for a new reality."  What is the United Methodist Church doing to prepare itself to help the migrants to America?

Sent by Renee Lafayette on October 09, 2015

Finally, yay! A Bishop Speaks Out

Thank you, Bishop Hoshibata! Finally someone in the UMC speaks out! We made international news when an Alabama church fired up a gun range in its backyard – never mind what the Book of Resolutions says. Pastors are afraid to mention anything from the pulpit for fear of offending giving... read more»

Sent by Emily L. Cooper on October 09, 2015

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