Turning Oppression Into Opportunity

The groundbreaking book by Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn, Half the Sky, Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, is familiar to many United Methodists, due in part to the United Methodist Women’s Reading Program.

Top on the list of the Leadership Development books for 2011, Half the Sky is a call to arms against the oppression of women and girls around the globe. Kristof and WuDunn travel throughout Africa and Asia, gathering the stories of women of extraordinary courage and strength and reporting on the status of women on the ground. Both heart-breaking and inspiring, the book is an excellent resource for individuals and congregations answering Christ’ call to love our neighbor by ending gender-based violence.

Now the book has been developed into a PBS series, which airs October 1 and 2 at 9 p.m/8 p.m. CT. The series follows Kristof and WuDunn, as well as a variety of celebrity activists, throughout ten countries as they encounter courageous individuals who are confronting oppression and developing solutions. More on the documentary, including a list of select locations hosting a prescreening of the film, can be found on the Half the Sky Movement website: www.halftheskymovement.org 

Also included on the Half the Sky website is information and resources for hosting a screening of the documentary (http://www.halftheskymovement.org/page/s/host-a-screening)

Hosting a screening of the broadcast is a powerful way to engage your family, friends, youth group, church family or community organization in discussion on this critical issue.