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Peace litany for U.N. Sunday, Oct. 26

Bronx congregation offers to share litany

Litany demonstrates connection between local realities of neighborhoods and global objectives of U.N. read more »

October 20, 2014

Pinwheels for peace

International Day of Prayer for Peace Sept. 21

Children’s toy taking on added significance as instrument to inspire peace advocacy. read more »

by Wayne Rhodes, Editor, Faith in Action
on September 12, 2014

Switching to 24-hour clock

65th Annual DPI/NGO Conference ‘perfect’ introduction to new job

U.N. & International Affairs ministry reflects writer’s personal values: just peace, radical love, vision of true freedom for all. read more »

by Jillian Abballe
on September 12, 2014

Abballe joins social-justice agency

Program Associate for U.N. & International Affairs office in New York City

Will serve as alternate representative at U.N., in non-governmental committees and civil-society networks. read more »

by Wayne Rhodes, Editor, Faith in Action
on September 12, 2014

March for climate-change action

People’s Climate March to send message to U.N. summit

United Methodists hoping to build strong denomination presence in Sept. 21 demonstration. read more »

by Linda Bloom
on August 25, 2014

U.N. tour causes 2nd thoughts

Permanent 5, no enforcement defeat mandate for equality

Ethnic Minority Young Adult intern says U.N. represents hope for better world — if changes made to system. read more »

by Daniel Valentin-Morales
on August 25, 2014

Beneficial journeys

Exploring different issues opens hearts, minds

6 young adults undertake journeys as interns that expand their horizons. read more »

by Sereana Banuve
on August 15, 2014

Inspiring impractical goal

U.N. trip leaves intern desiring mass interviews

Paintings, murals, mementos at U.N. reflect accomplishments, while raising awareness of how much more needs to be done. read more »

by Melysa Acevedo
on August 15, 2014

Nurtured in the spirit

United Methodist Church important in personal growth

Ethnic Young Adult summer intern says she learned it is ‘okay’ to let spirituality lead her into social-justice advocacy. read more »

by Brieanna Smith
on August 07, 2014

Summer interns travel to Church Center for U.N.

Sustainable development trip’s theme

Importance of U.N. ministry underscored by discussion of variety of stakeholders, laws sustainable development entails. read more »

by Michael Moore
on July 22, 2014

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