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The Season for Change


Not path to paradise

Scholarly response to ISIS’s most ‘fanatical, inciting opinions’

126 Muslim scholars endorse open letter denouncing inappropriate claims of engaging in jihad, ‘bizarre legal edicts.’ read more »

by Wayne Rhodes, Editor, Faith in Action
on October 20, 2014

Boko Haram continues rampage

4 villages attacked in Nigeria last week

U.S. Congress considering how to best assist Nigerian government in dealing with terrorist organization that seized 272 school girls this spring. read more »

by Erin Brown
on July 03, 2014

Letter urges close Guantanamo prison

President Obama behind in key commitments

ACLU coordinates letter signed by human rights, religious and civil liberties groups. read more »

October 19, 2013

Heinous attacks in Kenya, Pakistan

Messages of peace, solidarity

Mission agency head expresses sorrow, prays God grant consolation. read more »

by Melissa Hinnen
on September 27, 2013

Work of a ‘marginalized few’

World Methodist Council calls Sept. 21 violence ‘crude, mocking’ version of religion

Advises must remember it is not Islam that bombed churches or seized hostages. read more »

September 27, 2013

I held more tightly

A reflection on 9/11

We all held more tightly to God, for the month following 9/11 pews were full. read more »

by Shaw Brewer
on September 09, 2013

Missing from Congo peace process

Coordinated international leverage needed

Process has neither necessary parties at the table nor sufficient international involvement for success, according to Enough Project. read more »

February 28, 2013

Those who are able, please stand

Taliban guns down Pakistani girl who spoke up for rights

Does the attack on 14-year-old girl indicate that our vision of God’s reign is too small? read more »

by the Rev. Clayton Childers
on October 12, 2012

Peace with Justice

The Peace with Justice Program aims to make shalom visible and active in people's lives and communities. The General Conference assigned the General Board of Church and Society to implement the program and called the church to "strengthen its capacity to act as a public policy advocate" in communities... Read More

Shift Afghanistan strategy

Bipartisan group of U.S. senators calls for accelerated removal of forces

Urge president to begin sizable drawdown of troops that puts U.S. on path toward removing all regular combat troops from Afghanistan. read more »

June 20, 2011

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