Letters to the Editor

Just a quibble

Just a quibble: Daniel Valentin-Morales is listed as an "Hispanic/Latina American," (U.N. tour causes 2nd thoughts, Faith in Action, Aug. 25), and given his name and picture I sincerely doubt he can pass the physical... read more»

Sent by Doug Shaul (Yacolt, Washington) on August 25, 2014

This is not new

I have been a Christian and a United Methodist for almost 30 years now. I have watched as the various organizational “heads” of our denomination came and went, but the mantra at the General Board of Church & Society (GBCS) never seems to change (read more»

Sent by Vincent Ciro (Wantagh, New York) .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on October 03, 2014

Voter integrity

It is uncharitable to assume that people concerned about voter integrity and the valid identification of those with a legal right to vote are operating from an intention to keep minorities from voting (Massive voter mobilization, Faith in Action, ... read more»

Sent by Richard Davis (Marietta,Ohio) on October 02, 2014

good article

I very much enjoyed Clayton Childers piece on speaking out about social issues (The pastor’s call to speak out, Faith in Action, Sept. 12, 2014). Also, Chris Momany's piece on read more»

Sent by Harley Wheeler (Minerva, Ohio) on September 30, 2014


A few weeks ago  wrote a letter that man does not have the power to cause global warming (Work of a ‘marginalized few’, Faith in Action, Sept. 27, 2014). That is God's area. Today a story in the... read more»

Sent by M.M. Way (Graham, North Carolina) on September 24, 2014

Single children facing deportation

Dear President Obama,
While we celebrate the potential of executive action to alleviate the suffering caused by our nation’s
broken immigration system – particularly in light of political inaction in Congress – it must not
come at the cost of due process and access to... read more»

Sent by Carolyn Stovel (Bloomington, Illinois) on September 15, 2014

March for climate-change action

12 years of no warming. Looks like this effort has ceased to be science and become a religion (March for climate-change action, Faith in Action, Aug. 25, 2014)

Sent by Pat Quick, Stonewwall, Louisiana on September 15, 2014


There is really no such country as Palestine (Israel's newest land grab, Faith in Action, Sept. 12, 2014). It was all a part of Israel and was taken from them. They are just taking it back. God said to Israel, ... read more»

Sent by Nancy Parrott (New Bern, North Carolina) on September 15, 2014

Human trafficking and major social events

Would love to see an article about actions taken during major social events,  ie.  baseball World Series,  hockey playoffs,  etc. regarding stopping or curbing human trafficking (Human trafficking brings shame to humanity, Faith in Action, May 13, 2014). ... read more»

Sent by Michele Justice (Buckeye, Arizona) on September 12, 2014

Saving Child Laborers

I'm grateful for what The United Methodist Church is doing to inform people about the need to purchase fair-trade chocolate and the reasons for it (Halloween's dark secret, Faith in Action, Oct. 13, 2013). Praise God for the strength of... read more»

Sent by Carol Ottley (Englewood, New Jersey) on September 08, 2014

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