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Letters to the Editor

Barking up the wrong tree

You should be camped out in front of the House of Representatives, in front of the home of Speaker John Boehner, in front of the Statue of Liberty — not in front of the White House (Come one, come all,... read more»

Sent by Linda Neal (Prairie Village, Kansas) on July 22, 2014

Support for Rev. Iliya

We need to become aware of the situation of the Nigerian women and support the Rev. Eunice Iliya with prayers and concern (Working to improve Nigerian women’s lives, Faith in Action, July 11, 2014). She has challenges... read more»

Sent by Barbara Takumi (Carson, California) on July 21, 2014

Judging by age

Michael Moore has written an insightful observation regarding the conflicting and contradictory statements regarding homosexuality in our Book of Discipline and Book of Resolutions (Schism through a young United Methodist’s eyes, Faith in Action, June 13, 2014). He draws... read more»

Sent by Ruth Anne Petrak (Des Moines, Iowa) on July 20, 2014

Pray for peace

I pray for the peace of Jeruslam and Israel (Fast July 15 for Middle East peace, Faith in Action, July 11, 2014). While I agree with the precept of this article, you can not ask Christians and Jews to pray together with... read more»

Sent by Wayne Worsham (Donalsonville, Georgia) on July 14, 2014

Creation Care at First UMC Eugene, Oregon

Five years ago, First United Methodist Church of Eugene was the first congregation in Oregon to participate in Oregon Interfaith Power & Light's (Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon) Solar Congregations Project (Going green, Faith in Action, July 3, 2014). Ours was one... read more»

Sent by The Rev. John Pitney (Eugene, Oregon) .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on July 08, 2014

Energy conservation in houses of worship

People of faith are receptive to working to protect the environment (Going green, Faith in Action, July 3, 2014). For several years, I have been working with faith communities (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) to help them find ways to reduce energy consumption... read more»

Sent by Carol Wilson (Cheshire, Connecticut) on July 08, 2014

Children shot like stray dogs

I was in Central America during the Sandanista/Contra war in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras (Skepticism of Obama’s ‘actions’, Faith in Action, July 3, 2014). At that time our group became aware of  "lost" children shot... read more»

Sent by Mary Jo Waters (Cincinnati, Ohio) on July 06, 2014

Still admiring

I love it (Why I am United Methodist, Faith in Action, June 25, 2014)! I love Susan Henry-Crowe! I remember her from so "way back" and thinking then I would be knowing her in many different ways. Still proud of her and... read more»

Sent by Judith Craig (Powell, Ohio) on July 04, 2014

Making a difference

How like our church to list the United States alphabetically (Why I am United Methodist, Faith in Action, June 25, 2014).  Most sites don't. But, that's one of the reasons that I CHOSE to become a United Methodist.... read more»

Sent by Sue Mullins (Loveland, Colorado) on June 30, 2014

Not making sense

I am having a hard time making sense of what seems to me to be misplaced passion (Come one, come all!, Faith in Action, June 25, 2014). Are the deportees U.S. citizens or are they people who came here... read more»

Sent by Jeff Howell (Lucedale, Mississippi) on June 28, 2014

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