Letters to the Editor

No more waffling!

All of this good news on the growth of the Methodist Church in recognizing other relationships other than male-female marriage is very heartening (Greater openness on human sexuality proposed, Faith in Action, May 22). Despite great strides in acknowledging the need... read more»

Sent by Pam Jarrett (Asheville, North Carolina) on May 25, 2015

A beginning step

I believe the Connectional Table's proposal is a beginning step (Greater openness on human sexuality proposed, Faith in Action, May 22). Allowing conferences to decide whether or not to ordain gay clergy and allowing clergy to decide whether or... read more»

Sent by Barbara Becker (Patchogue, New York) on May 23, 2015

Social Principles make me proud to be United Methodist

The Social Principles make me proud to be a United Methodist. As one who is both a seminary graduate and a sociologist, I find the statements theologically sound and helpful in analyzing the issues facing us (Inconsistent impact, Faith in... read more»

Sent by Emory Burton (Dallas, Texas) on May 15, 2015

You left out one point

I can agree with everything (‘A Call to Police Reform & Healing of Communities’, Faith in Action, May 15, 2015). But, there is one major point left out: obey the police. Almost every incident seems to start with the victims... read more»

Sent by Frank Carney (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) on May 15, 2015

Sparta and NJ Residents Head to Peace Rally at UN

Members of the Sparta United Methodist Church were proud to give a supportive send-off to those congregants and area residents leaving for the Peace Train  to carry them to the peace rally at the United Nations (N.J.... read more»

Sent by Suzanne Baldini (Newton, New Jersey) on May 15, 2015

No perspective on guns

Micah 4:1-4 is not clearly understood, except it is a vision of the Kingdom of God, most likely after Christ's second coming.   Until then it is a fallen world ruled in large part by satan.  I fail to seen the importance of this scripture in... read more»

Sent by James Santory (McKeesport, Pennsylvania) on May 08, 2015

Wake up, United Methodists

I think it would be helpful to let all Methodists know of the quote by Elie Wiesel: "The opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference." Unless this is driven home, "it ain't my problem." God Bless all the bishops (read more»

Sent by Vincent Celino (Meriden, Connecticut) on May 07, 2015

Freedom of religion for true Christians

So Christians are narrow-minded bigots? (A difficult Holy Week, Faith in Action, April 13, 2015). True Christians are not to participate in sinful activities. The Bible warns of false teachers. Count yourself among them!

Sent by Orville Bame (Staunton, Virginia) on April 29, 2015

The General Board’s foolish position

The Senate passed S.615 and the president advised that he would sign the measure . This really makes Mark Harrison and the General Board of Church & Society appear foolish when they asked that Methodists indicate their opposition (Call your senators today,... read more»

Sent by Robert Davee (Houston, Texas) on April 14, 2015

Words fail me

Regarding, You can make a difference, (Faith in Action, April 2, 2015): 1. Universal background checks would not have stopped Sandy Hook or the Aurora, Colo., shootings. 2. What is it you hope to achieve with this? 3. How and with what do you... read more»

Sent by Loren Harmon (Phoenix, Arizona) on April 12, 2015

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