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Letters to the Editor

Just a quibble

Just a quibble: Daniel Valentin-Morales is listed as an "Hispanic/Latina American," (U.N. tour causes 2nd thoughts, Faith in Action, Aug. 25), and given his name and picture I sincerely doubt he can pass the physical... read more»

Sent by Doug Shaul (Yacolt, Washington) on August 25, 2014

Communication or burden

Truly a heartwrenching story (Depression, suicide should not be taboo subjects, Faith in Action, Aug. 25, 2014). Seeing/seeking out anything Robin Williams did, because you could be assured of being honestly entertained. What an amazing man/talent. I can remember... read more»

Sent by B.J. Sheldon (Sacramento, California) on September 02, 2014

Thank you

Thank you for this (Summer of 2014, Faith in Action, Aug. 25, 2014). It was well done and I appreciated it.

Sent by Rosie Bachand (Stockton, California) on August 25, 2014

climate change

 I am awed by the people who think that  mere people have the power to change the climate (March for climate-change action, Faith in Action, Aug. 25, 2014). As the all powerful God of Creation, only God has... read more»

Sent by M. M. Way (Graham, North Carolina) on August 25, 2014

Disrespect for authority

Much of what Bishop Carcaño has said about the Ferguson, Mo., incident has merit, but she and many others continue to imply this is a murder when they have absolutely no evidence to prove that (Michael Brown’s... read more»

Sent by Rev. Sonny Moon (Buchanan, Georgia) on August 25, 2014

Behave obediently

I have no problem with all of the concerns expressed in this article (Michael Brown’s death, Faith in Action, Aug. 25, 2014). I do have a problem with one that is consistently left out: to behave obediently, to obey. In... read more»

Sent by Frank Carney (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) on August 25, 2014

Puritans and boobs

A woman,s chest is the most natural thing in the world (‘Boobs aren’t news’, Faith in Action, Aug. 15, 2014). Have these puritans nothing more important to do?     

Sent by A. Helmut Fickenwirth (Durham, New Hampshire) on August 18, 2014

Corporate responsibility

I've had prescription (and medical) coverage from my retirement plan for 17 years. I've generally been very happy with it. However, the plan has switched providers a number of times. We used Costco, which I liked because it is a responsible corporation, is not anti-employee and anti-union, and pays... read more»

Sent by Frank Smith (Bluff City, Kansas) on August 18, 2014

Sponsor the children

Our church has sponsored three refugee families in the past. Highland United Methodist Church, Fort Thomas, Ky. (112 arrested at White House, Faith in Action, Aug. 7, 2014). Can churches sponsor these children through UMCOR and Church World Service?

Sent by Kathy Pinelo (Wilder, Kentucky) on August 10, 2014

Conflict resolution?

I quote your letter: "The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis will only be resolved when Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories is ended, and the inherent equality, worth, and dignity of all Palestinians and Israelis is realized" (Faith leaders tell Obama ... read more»

Sent by Denise Yount (Barada, Nebraska) on August 08, 2014

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