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Letters to the Editor

Just a quibble

Just a quibble: Daniel Valentin-Morales is listed as an "Hispanic/Latina American," (U.N. tour causes 2nd thoughts, Faith in Action, Aug. 25), and given his name and picture I sincerely doubt he can pass the physical... read more»

Sent by Doug Shaul (Yacolt, Washington) on August 25, 2014

The pastor’s call to speak out

What about using Powerpoint (The pastor’s call to speak out, Faith in Action, Sept. 12, 2014)? It is very effective for visual learners.  Another thing is about delivery. The content of the sermon may be excellent but... read more»

Sent by Mercedita Cueto (Vallejo, California) on October 29, 2014


Why do you give space to these people (Clergy arrested at Beale Air Base again, Faith in Action, Oct. 20, 2014)? Why not talk about how drones protect U.S. military personnel and citizens? Do you want to get more personal... read more»

Sent by James Hardin (Opelika, Alabama) on October 22, 2014

They are not alone

The traditional Muslim world is horrified by the specter of privileged and educated youths raised in Western secular society being recruited to fight on the side of religious extremism and extremist religious causes (Not path to paradise, Faith in Action,... read more»

Sent by George Potter (Tallahassee, Florida) on October 21, 2014

Biblical obedience

Pandering to conservative bishops (Supreme Court did not change Discipline, Faith in Action, Oct. 10,2014)? Let us hear from those who follow biblical obedience rather than the Discipline. Some of this discussion seems similar to that historical debate of how many... read more»

Sent by Mona Bomgaars (Honolulu, Hawaii) on October 16, 2014

Supreme Court did not change Discipline

Why do you dichotommize homosexuality and same sex marriage (Supreme Court did not change Discipline, Faith in Action, Oct. 10, 2014)? Are they not intertwined? How will homosexuals express their sexuality? Is it okay for them to have a live-in partner... read more»

Sent by Mercedita Cueto (Vallejo, California) on October 13, 2014

Same-sex marriage

The United Methodist Book of Discipline is not God's word (Supreme Court did not change Discipline, Faith in Action, Oct. 10, 2014)! It was put together by people interpreting the Bible according to their own ideas and beliefs. We... read more»

Sent by Ruth Oatman (Elkton, Maryland) on October 11, 2014

Covenant relationship, marriage

Jesus makes the point most clearly that marriage is the doing of God [Mark 10:6-9] (Supreme Court did not change Discipline, Faith in Action, Oct. 10, 2014). “From the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female’ ... read more»

Sent by Kenneth Moore (Frederick, Maryland) on October 10, 2014

Alot to Do About Nothing

Is it a sin to waste your time when people are suffering with real issues (400,000 people march for climate, Faith in Action, Oct. 2, 2014).  I was truly hoping that the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind would have subsided by... read more»

Sent by James Santory (McKeesport, Pennsylvania) .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on October 04, 2014

In the news

I believe that dealing with both the Washington team's name and domestic violence, men can step up without being demonized like the infamous label "scum" being thrown at them every time one opposes domestic violence measures like the Violence Against Women Act without athiests and agnostics being demonized as... read more»

Sent by Steve Warner (Silver Spring, Maryland) on October 03, 2014

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