2015 Spring Board Meeting


Women's Advocacy

Needle Exchanges: A Bridge to Treatment

The United Methodist General Board of Church and Society hosted a special World AIDS Day event on December 1, 2014. The event featured Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and panelists Ron Daniels (START at Westminster), Rev. Joan Carter-Rimbach (First UMC - Hyattsville), and Jasmine Tyler (Open Society Foundations) to discuss the vital role... read more»

Posted by Michelle Whittaker on December 08, 2014

Mary Magdalene (John 20:11-18, Psalm 56:8)

Mary Magdalene's devotion to Jesus is demonstrated all throughout Scripture. She is one of the women with Jesus and the 12 disciples from the onset of the ministry in Galilee; she is at the cross during the crucifixion, and she is at the tomb where we find her for this... read more»

Posted by Rose Farhat on April 09, 2014

The woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48, Micah 6:8)

This passage is another illustration of Christ’s powerful use of silence and the spoken word. Christ’s compassion goes out to one who became desperate as she faced circumstances that caused her to want to be invisible: not seen, heard or noticed. As though she does not... read more»

Posted by Rose Farhat on April 04, 2014

The woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11)

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Indeed, with the tongue, we can acknowledge the common dignity all humans bear, and we can break the silence that enables fear, intimidation and the drawing of deep lines of separation. Similarly, silence, as we shall see Jesus demonstrate, can... read more»

Posted by Rose Farhat on March 30, 2014

The widow of Nain (Luke 7:11-17)

Accompanied by a large crowd, Jesus enters a small town, and in the midst of all the people, Jesus' heart goes out to a woman whose life has changed tremendously. It is likely that she did not notice Jesus because she may have been in shock: Her only child was... read more»

Posted by Rose Farhat on March 25, 2014

Jesus encounters Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52)

Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, obviously poor and considered unimportant, almost irrelevant, was present as Jesus and a large crowd leave Jericho. When he hears it is Jesus, he acknowledges Jesus as Messiah in his call: "Son of David," a call of worship, an acknowledgement of Messiahship, the one who can... read more»

Posted by Rose Farhat on March 20, 2014

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